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Southeast Air Ambulance will coordinate the most timely and cost-effective arrangements for each individual transfer. Read through what Southeast Air Ambulance can offer you and call us at 844-650-SEAA(7322) so we can get started on creating a plan tailored for you.

Our scope and services include:

  • 24/7/365 Availability

  • Bedside-to-Bedside Air Ambulance Medical Service

  • Calls Answered by Medical Personnel

  • U.S. State-Licensed Medical Staff

  • Knowledgeable, Professional, and Caring Team

  • Medical Malpractice Liability Insurance

  • State-of-the-Art Medical Equipment

  • Arrangement of Hospital Admissions

  • Medical Pre-flight Patient Assessments

  • Personalized Care Management Plan

  • Travel Assistance for Family Members and Travel Companions

  • Continual Communication with Family Members and Hospitals

  • Assistance in Filing Claims with Health and/or Travel Insurance Companies

Southeast Air Ambulance's scope of medical services can provide the solution to your travel emergency needs.


Non-Medical Charter

No Healthcare Providers

Starting at:

$3,500 HR


Basic Life Support

1 Healthcare Provider


Starting at:

$4,800 HR

Advanced Life Support 

2 Healthcare Providers


Starting at:

$7,800 HR

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Plane Details

The appropriate aircraft is critical for successful transport. A medically-configured jet offers smoother flights, faster airspeed, a longer flight range, and greater comfort than a turboprop aircraft.

  • Each jet is configured as a hospital intensive care unit

  • Can accommodate up to two additional passengers, possible more without healthcare personnel

  • Two pilots per flight

  • Two small carry-ons with one personal item per passenger.

PC-12 Aircraft

More About the Pilatus PC-12

Pilatus is a highly respected Swiss company which has become known as the largest single-engine turboprop manufacturer on the planet. With over 70 years of experience in the industry, Pilatus seems to have discovered the formula for producing some of the most reliable aircraft available. The original PC-12 was announced in 1989 at NBAA, first flew in 1991, and gained certification in 1994. It was a new design by Pilatus which incorporated the time-tested PT6 engine that the manufacturer had utilized in previous models. In 2006, the PC-12NG (Next Generation) was announced at NBAA and it was subsequently certified in 2008. Today, the PC12-NG is popular for government, military, and civil utility purposes all around the world and can be configured to suit multiple purposes quickly and efficiently. Marketed to be "as versatile as a Swiss Army knife", the PC12-NG's rugged flexibility, low operating costs, and field-proven reliability make this single-engine turboprop ideal for nearly any mission type.

The PC-12 NG continues the fine-tuning process which has spanned three decades and helped the PC-12 model become one of the most popular turboprop singles in existence. The improvements include increased take-off weight, more powerful engines, speed increase, range increase, noise reduction, new avionics, updated in-flight entertainment – the list goes on and on.

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